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Rodent Control in Palm Beach County

Providing thorough, professional expertise for all your home rodent control, and wildlife trapping needs in Palm Beach County

Have Rats or Mice? Rodent Control in Palm Beach county

Rats in the Attic

Do you sense you may have intruders hanging out in your attic? Usual peak times for Roof Rat activity is at night, and since they are nocturnal you wont always see them, but you will hear them foraging for food. If they are heard during the day, there could be many. Female roof rats can have up to 3 litters a year, and between 5-8 babies a litter! Don't let rats keep you awake at night call AAA Critter Trapper & Repair today to relieve your home of pesky rats or mice. 

Rats in the House

Do you have unwanted house critters like rats or mice that seem to have taken over your barn, attic, walls, or other living space in your home? These rodents are not paying rent!! Plus if you get bitten or scratched, they can transmit a serious disease. Hire the best rodent control company in Palm Beach County, Florida to trap rats, mice, and other unwelcome intruders to provide a permanent solution and keep these rodents out for good. Give us a call today.

Trapping & Sealing entry points

At AAA Critter Trapper & Repair, we specialize in rat trapping and rat exclusion services in Palm Beach County, Florida. We take note of entry points used by rats and mice to gain access to your home or business. Once they get to your home, they can access it through an opening about the size of a nickel. Sealing off entry points will prevent future rat activity. Call AAA Critter Trapper & Repair today if you are in need of rat trapping and rat exclusion services.



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Patrick Miller

Called them in afternoon and they were able to resolve an uninvited guest by the evening. I called a few companies and could tell the salesman where selling snake oils. I highly recommend Jason and his wife. Hopefully all unwanted guest won’t be able to return for any future visits. 

Renee Morgenstern

  Excellent service, very knowledgeable and reasonable cost. They brought in jagged gravel to prevent future digging by my bedroom sliding glass window. Now my sleeping nights are peaceful! You two are worth a million!
Renee in the Polo Club 

Daria Mlinar-Alvarez

 These guys are the REAL DEAL!!! Honest, knowledgeable and they get the job done right. After being completely screwed over by a pest control company (made our rat problem worse), AAA came in and fixed the problem thoroughly. Their work is guaranteed too. Don't have enough good things to say about them! Thanks guys!! Will be recommending all over town. 

David Arm

Had a bad smell in the place, so we called AAA. Bobbie Sue and Jason came out within a few hours, and immediately found the source of our problem - an owl had built a nest in our a/c intake. They waited until dark to let the owl fly out undisturbed, then cleaned out and closed up that vent and all the others at our location for a very reasonable price. Nice folks, great service - highly recommend them!