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Raccoon’s are well known for rummaging through garbage cans and making a mess out of people’s properties and attic spaces. Additionally, raccoon’s are often the subject of much fear and anxiety for property owners. We know that having a raccoon problem can be scary, but we’re here to help. Our raccoon control methods are designed to exclude unwanted raccoon invaders in the most effective, humane way possible. When you enlist our help, we’ll work hard to locate the source of the problem and implement a long-term fix. If you’re in need of a quality raccoon control solution, call AAA Critter Trapper & Repair today. RACCOON & POSSUM REMOVAL AND CONTROL in Palm Beach County.

Florida raccoon’s are commonly found living in wooded areas, but when they start to invade human territory it can cause troublesome issues. Raccoon’s can tear through small openings and loose materials on homes to gain access into the structure. Are raccoon’s taking over your home, attempting to nest in your attic, barn, or even trying to take over your swimming pool? AAA Critter Trapper & Repair specializes in the removal of raccoon’s inside homes, businesses and barns. AAA Critter Trapper & Repair provides raccoon control services in Palm Beach County, Florida. We safely remove the raccoon and repair any damages caused by the animal intruder. AAA Critter Trapper & Repair has a dedicated team that is willing and ready to take care of all your nuisance raccoon needs. We are here to give our customers peace of mind. If it is time to get relief from these uninvited raccoon’s that take over your home, or business, give the experts in the raccoon control business a call. We will check these raccoon’s out for good!

Raccoon’s are no less of a menace than any other critters. In fact, they are known to be more capable of damaging your residential or commercial properties once they intrude through the structure of the building. That’s why raccoon damage repair becomes a must after our licensed wildlife trappers capture and remove the raccoon from the property. Not only is raccoon damage repair an essential part of getting your home restored to it’s original, pest-free state but it also ensures that raccoons do not get back into the attic. Our unique raccoon trapping, raccoon control, raccoon damage repair makes us the best raccoon control service in Wellington to go with. So, don’t hesitate in contacting AAA Critter Trapper & Repair today if you are tired of raccoon’s making a mess out of your life. You will get the best raccoon trapping service and best rates like countless other residents of Palm Beach County, FL.

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Raccoon FACTS

Raccoon’s have adapted to live in a number of environments. They have the ability to rotate their back feet backward. Raccoon’s like to climb trees and go down headfirst. These animals enjoy swimming for hours at a time. Raccoon’s are nocturnal mammals and omnivores. Their diet consists of plant material, other smaller animals, eggs, nuts, and insects. During spring and the beginning of summer, they are more active during the day to take advantage of the insects, worms, and small critters available. When late summer and fall arrive they like to snack on nuts and fruits, and garbage.

The raccoon’s front paws are very sensitive. When they wash their paws they become more flexible. Raccoon’s have been seen soaking their food in water. This aides in the ability to heighten the sensitivity glands within their front paws to examine the food. Some believe they are washing their food. While others believe they are producing a memory of catching food in streams of water.

Pregnancies occur during the spring and last up to 65 days. Usually delivering 2-5 young per pregnancy called “kits”. The mother raccoon will watch over her kits until late fall and then release them out on their own. Their hearing is so fine they can hear earthworms underground. The dark black circles around their eyes allow them to see better at night. These rings remove the glare. While their long distance vision is poor and they are color blind, their eyes can sense green lighting.