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Bobby & Jason, you guys are the heroes of our day!!! Reliable, honest, kind & friendly - exactly what we needed in this situation! Thank you so much for catching that snake! Good luck & much success - you deserve it! Will recommend to all those around me!

Kareen Avidor Elkabetz

Amazing. Almost instant response. Extremely friendly and professional. Price was perfect. And took care of our problem in no time. If you have a critter problem, these are the people to call. Customer for life.

Lee Caudle

Greatest company ever. Such loving, caring and personal treatment. Professional service with a family like vibe. They really do go that extra mile for every customer and have accomplished what took other major companys two and a half years to unsuccessfully attempt. Wonderful people so gratful to have came across such a down to earth and honest company.

Dudley Birdciano

So Jason and Bobbie Sue came by after I tried to trap rats in my attic. I got some, but it wasn't enough. They came by with a free estimate and I realized I was doing some things right but many things wrong and after their consultation and I let them do their thing and I'm glad I did. If you have any issues with what they say they can do. Use them and rest easy, they know exactly what to do.

Greg Bates

Saved my day! Felt bad for the baby raccoons trapped in my attic but thank God for AAA! Thank you.

Michelle Barletta

Great family owned company. Friendly and trustworthy, they get the job done right the first time.

Becky O'Connor

Awesome people did a great job getting my unwanted guests..again thank you.

Daniel Murtagh
AAA has been top notch since we contacted them. Another company performed work on our home a little over a year ago. It appears that company did not do a good job properly sealing our roof. AAA found holes and openings in our roof that allowed new critters to re-enter. What is worse is that the other company was not willing to work with us again on the issue in a professional manner. We cannot thank AAA enough for their help. They did a free estimate and inspection and have been extremely pleasant to work with throughout this entire process. AAA is all about customer service and will go the extra mile to help.
Amy Szutowicz DeMeyer
Thank you! Called them at 8am to come help look for a snake in our kitchen. They were there by 850! Everyone else said 2 days?!?! Thank you to them for looking in places that we were too chicken to EVER look! lol
Kaylin Moss
I called AAA Critter and told Bobby Sue that I thought there was something in our attic and sure enough she and Jason went up there and found evidence of critters.They set out traps and told me they would be back in a few days to see if anything had been captured. Sure enough when they came back they showed me what had been up there.They told me they would rearrange the traps and come back again in a few days. This time there was nothing up there but they didn't give up and rearrange traps again. After this last time that they came they felt that everything was gone.They also sealed up every possible place that they could have gotten in. They left with the instructions to keep an eye on sunflower seeds that they left to see if anything would still be up there. We hope to get to gather with them soon to clean up and empty our attic so this problem with not happen again.They are a very pleasant couple and I feel that they are very honest and hard working.
Linda Gillen
I would highly recommend using this company. The owners are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and go above and beyond to get the job done. If you have any issues with critters, give them a call.
Donna Reilly Kent
AAA Critter Trapper & Repair is a great and knowledgeable company. Came in and eliminated our rodent problem. Highly recommend using them. Very personable to work with.
Brian Weindorf
I absolutely without question would recommend AAA Critter Trapper & Repair! As I have found out first hand they are a company that truly cares and will spend the time trying to help you out in any way they can! I also found out if you contact them through messaging instead of via phone they get back to you right away! I was really impressed and Blessed beyond words! Lastly, may I just add a lot of companies just care about their financial gain but this is not the case with this wonderful, caring, helpful company! They will try their best to help you even if it take's up a lot of their time, they will still go out of their way to help you anyway when a "Good Bye and good luck to you" may be the easier thing to say and do. So thank you Bobbie Sue of AAA Critter Trapper & Repair for not being the "Good Bye and good luck to you" type of company but instead a company that Blessed my day! Praise God that I contacted you and your company! Thank you so much again for being a Blessing!
Shirley Maisonet-Larmonie
Since i moved 2 and a half years ago into my completely remodeled home, i have been fighting to get rid of rats in my attic. I have spent so much money, time and have contracted so many different rodent companies to no avail until I m found AAA CRITTERS who finally got rids of those disgusting critters. In addition they even found in the wall an unused pipe which was their point of entry from the street sewer. They repaired it and even included new insulation, complete job.... Their rates are the lowest in the market yet they are the most efficient, reliable, trustworthy and very much seem to take pride in a job well done. They are very punctual, always available and always with the same pleasant and smily face. I am an extremely satisfied customers. I highly recomend them.
Nina Rodriguez
Best trapper & repair ever!! The owners are very friendly and defiantly know what they are doing!
Elysia Garcia
They are a amazing company, I have 2 of there rescue animals, and they are very friendly pets! I would highly recommend this company, they do an awesome job,at what they do !! Thanks.
Bonnie Melvin
Great people. Great work. Got rid of my problem. Pest control guy tried without any success. These two found out where they were getting in an made it so they couldn't get back in. Highly recommend them. You will be happy. Bobby sue and Jason are the bestest with the pests.
Sheryl Workman-Dear