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There are a few different reasons why woodpeckers peck on homes and businesses. Woodpeckers will peck on anything that’s tall. They do not need a tree to mark territory or to find a mate. They need something that allows them to create a drumming sound. Drumming is a behavior woodpeckers do to mark their territory. Woodpeckers will drum on trees, gutter lines, and fascia board to attract a mate. Sometimes woodpeckers peck on homes and businesses for food. If the structure is made from wood woodpeckers will peck to eat the wood destroying insects. Often woodpeckers peck on homes and businesses to create a safe, warm nest.

Why wait for other birds to move into old woodpecker holes when you can call AAA Critter Trapper & Repair to provide a permanent solution to your woodpecker problem. We do not just patch the woodpecker hole. We prevent future holes by making the damaged area stronger. Woodpeckers usually peck holes in the decorative crown molding on homes and businesses for nesting. The crown molding is made of foam and allows a large hollow space for woodpeckers to lay their eggs. Woodpeckers are protected so the only thing you can do is fix their damage. If the damage is left the woodpecker will most likely return every year for nesting. We have come across homeowners who have patched the hole and the woodpecker would peck a new hole right next to the patch. If you are in need of woodpecker damage control, give us a call today. We provide a solution to woodpecker damage. Woodpecker damage repair in Palm Beach woodpecker hole repair in Palm Beach County.

There are numerous ways to deter woodpeckers from pecking on homes and businesses. Some methods for deterring woodpeckers are visual deterrents, noise makers, and patching the hole. We have learned through years of experience these deterrents do not work. Patching will just allow the woodpecker to peck right next to the patched hole. If you have tried hanging pie pans, placing fake owls or tired of spending money on sound devices or patching holes and the woodpecker is still pecking on your home or business then give us a call. AAA Critter Trapper & Repair has the solution for you. You will finally be able to remove the fake owls, never have to purchase expensive woodpecker deterrent paint, and finally never have to worry about another woodpecker hole. If you have been looking for the best solution to woodpecker damage give us a call! 


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Woodpeckers are omnivores. They eat insects, berries, nuts and seeds. There are at least two hundred different species of woodpeckers. There are only a few places you will not find woodpeckers and that is Australia, New Zealand and Madagascar. Woodpeckers range in size from three inches to twenty inches in length. Woodpeckers can live up to eleven years in the wild. Woodpeckers mate for life. When the mate dies is when the surviving woodpecker will find another mate. The male and female woodpecker build the nest together. Woodpeckers have 2-5 eggs. One parent stays with the eggs at all times while the other parent gathers food. Once the eggs are laid it generally takes 14 days for the young woodpeckers to hatch. The young woodpeckers are ready to leave the nest at approximately 1 month after hatching.