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Rodent Control Services

One of the worst things about rats and mice is that they can reproduce all year long, which means once they make way into your home, there’s no stopping to them squeaking and screeching on your ceiling, behind cupboards or under the floors. We provide rat trapping rodent control service for pesky rats and mice.The most important aspect of rodent trapping is to identify and conceal the active areas, which these nocturnal rodents use to enter into your home. Are you hearing scratching sounds coming from the attic late at night you don’t need to call Ghost Busters, you need to call AAA Critter Trapper & Repair. You most likely don’t have a ghost but you may have a rat! There is no doubt that rats and mice love to hide in attics, walls and barns, and there is never just one. If you see one you can bet there is a family of them somewhere. Don’t let rats keep you awake at night call AAA Critter Trapper & Repair today! 

Best way to get rid of rats and mice in the attic

Your home or office can become host to critters like rats and mice. It is our specialty to remove rats and mice in a timely and effective manner, but we don't stop there we will note every entry point used by rats and mice to gain access to the attic. Rodents like rats and mice can cause tremendous damage to your attic. Our rodent control specialist have the tools and experience to safely eliminate unwanted rats and prevent them from re-entering your home. We understand that a rat problem is no laughing matter, so when you call on us, you can rest assure that we will respond quickly. We strive to exceed expectations on every job we undertake. If you are in need of the most dependable rodent control services, give AAA Critter Trapper & Repair a call.

Rat or Mouse problem? We can help!

Have you discovered unwanted rats or mice in your attic, walls, or living areas? Just removing rats from your property isn’t enough. Once they’ve found a way in, they’re almost certain to come back. Rat and mice intrusions can be more than just annoying; they can be destructive and unhealthy. But you can protect your valuable property from rats and mice with rodent control solutions from AAA Critter Trapper & Repair. Our rodent control and rat extermination techniques are proven to be the best in Palm Beach County, FL. We use materials that last the lifetime of the structure its attached to. This ensures that all the rats or mice are captured, but we don’t stop there. We guarantee no rats will get back into the structure through any repair we complete. By identifying their points of entry we are able to seal and repair the entry points completely, thus eliminating the chances of rats or mice getting back into the attic. 

Rats and Mice

Rat Facts

Rats have the excellent hearing with a poor sense of vision. Rats are nocturnal mammals. Rats have the ability to jump, dig and swim well under water. rats travel in packs and eat anything in reach making the omnivores. Rats reach sexual maturity at approximately 12 weeks of age. They breed all year round with an increase during July through December. Rats can produce quickly having a litter of 7 to 14 pups in 21 days. They tend to seek shelter in areas that have materials they can use for nesting. These rats are some of the pesky little critters that invade our lives on a daily basis. We provide rat extermination in Palm Beach County, Florida.