Different Methods of Rat Trapping for Rodent control in Palm Beach County

Rat Traps

The most effective way to get rid of rats is by the use of snap rat traps. Sealing of entry points and placement of the rat traps is key to catching them. If you are in need of the best rodent trapping and rat exclusion services give us a call today! 

Rat Poison

We do not recommend using rat poison in the attic. Rats do not travel far from where they nest to get food and water. Sometimes rats drink from the ac drip pan located near or in the attic. If the rat that eats the poison is nesting in your attic it could die in the attic causing a stinky smell. Sometimes these poisoned rats fall into wall voids making it difficult to remove the dead rat.  

Glue Rat Traps

These traps are designed to stop the rat that runs across the glue board, but this would have to be the most inhumane way of getting rid of rats. These rats are alive when stuck to the glue trap. Terrified rats and mice occasionally scream as they try to escape the glue as it can rip off their fur and skin. Sometimes larger rats that get caught on the glue rat trap rip themselves off.

Signs of needing rat trapping services:

Scratching Noises

Scratching coming from the ceiling, walls, attic, or crawl space. Seeing holes:  Rat holes are big with rough torn edges.

Hearing Squeeking

Hearing chewing or squeaking noises. You might also hear rats running up the walls making pitter-patter sounds. Rat trapping in Boca Raton. Rodent control in Palm Beach County. AAA Critter Trapper & Repair in Wellington.

Seeing a rat

 Seeing the rat or rats. Seeing rat droppings. Varying feces sizes indicate juveniles and adults are present.



Rats have the excellent hearing with a poor sense of vision. Rats are nocturnal mammals. Rats have the ability to jump, dig and swim well under water. rats travel in packs and eat anything in reach making the omnivores. Rats reach sexual maturity at approximately 12 weeks of age. They breed all year round with an increase during July through December. Rats can produce quickly having a litter of 7 to 14 pups in 21 days. They tend to seek shelter in areas that have materials they can use for nesting. These rats are some of the pesky little critters that invade our lives on a daily basis.

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